About Us

About Us Barikat Cyber Security B.V. | Barikat A.Ş.

Barikat has been established in 2008 and only deals with cyber security. Our main goal is to increase level of our customers cyber security maturity. Our solutions to current security problems are based on sound methodologies practiced world wide.

Our technical staff provides many services and consultancies needed to create a solid security posture for any modern organization.

Barikat holds NATO grade security clearance for premises and National Defense Ministry level for whole staff.

Organizations require a wide range of trainings to create and enhance their cyber security workforce. Barikat Academy can provide trainings for such organizations and help them create a top-notch security operation center (SOC).

Our security services and consultancies cover organizations gaps or enhance existing teams capabilities. Our teams can transfer their knowledge to newly created security teams as well.

Our R&D department researches technologies and methodologies needed to increase cyber security level and develops products, services and methodologies needed in a modern organization to increase it as well.

You can benefit from our experience, professionalism and reliability in the auditing, consultation, architecture and integration of leading network and security solutions. We deliver state-of-the-art cloud, managed and SOC services from our ISO 27001-certified Cyber Security Monitoring Center.